Starting Solo Backpacking?

Assalammualaikum/Peace be upon you

So I’m starting to plan for a solo backpacking and it’s give me a quite anxiety and fear. There’s a ton of questions passing my head back and forward. But, I’ve seen some videos that gives me some motivation to start and literally all of the videos are coming from Youtube specifically the TED Talk. I’ve linked some of the videos below for you to watch.

Tomislav Perko, 29, is a travel writer from Croatia
1000 km of Edouard Jacqmin

Since I had the idea of travelling the world on my own it’s give me some sort of adrenaline just by thinking of how can I do it, without any money since I’m still a student and not graduated yet. I, in the other hand, keep believing that we didn’t even need to be rich to travel. Just live like the locals do. But, just from that piece of idea, I started to learn photography, videography and editing. Now, I’m thinking to start my little solo journey with the most visited place in the world which is Bangkok.

Plus, it is the the recommended place for such a starter like me. I’ve plan to go there in my next holiday which is around 17 – 26 December 2018. The most concerning matter is just money I guess. I’m planning to there with the most little expenses as I could. If my calculation are correct, I need at least RM 450 for 5 days and 4 nights day. Well, I think we’ll see about that. The other ideas that I have come up is why don’t I start with Malaysia instead.

I’m a Malaysian and there’s also a lot interesting places to visit in Malaysia. Maybe I’m to busy looking for a foreign country until I forgot that my country also have all the awesome places. As I had made up my mind to go to Bangkok I’ll feel a little uneasy if I cancel the plan. So, I’ll go there and the places in the country as well. The first place I want to finish is where I’m studying which is Penang. After that, it will be my birth place which is Sabah. I’m planning to ride around Sabah when I go back in January.

Life is an adventure. I’ll seek for the adventure and most important is, the experience.



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