Hatyai-Songkhla 3D2N Cheap Itinerary (RM150)

Mosque of Songkhla – taken by my friend (Kob)

Assalammualaikum/Peace be upon you

The idea to travel here is so unexpected. It just popup out of nowhere. I’m backpacking with my roommate which we usually called YB which is not the “Yang Berhormat”. In this fine night, we were just talking while watching some Youtube videos and I spontaneously asked if he has a passport and there we are at the Hatyai Junction the next day.

We woke up at around 0600 hours and take the KTM Komuter from Bukit Tengah, Penang to Padang Besar, Perlis for RM10.90. We arrived at Padang Besar around 0910 hours. At the same train station, we bought the ticket to Hatyai for 50Baht/RM7.00 and settled all of the immigration clearence. There are a money changer at the station so better to convert the money early as well. There are only two time available train departure from Padang Besar to Hatyai which is at 0955 hours and 1640 hours malaysian time. Thailand time zone is 1 hour behind malaysian time and we took the 0955 hours train to Hatyai and we barely made in since the immigration clearance took some time to settled. So, be early guys.

We arrived at Hatyai Junction around 1000 hours thailand time. I will start using the thailand time zone from here. From the Hatyai Junction we walk around the town to find a place to stay for the night. We can’t find the hostel that we have planned to stay so after 50 minutes we found this suitable hostel which is Hatyai Dee Hostel. It costs us 250 Baht/RM32.00 for one night with the deposit of 100 Baht. The hostel have all the accomodation you need and it is a muslim friendly hostel. They have their own surau too. After we had checked in, we went back walking around the town to see how the people live and the culture there. It such a new experience for us since it is the first time we’ve been there.

We walk around the town for hours and later at the night we had Pat Tai for our dinner at 50 Baht/RM7.00 from this halal street food stall in front of the Oriental Princess. It was delicious! We gone back to our hostel at around 2000 hours that night exhaustion. The next day we start a little bit late because of the planning the night before we got there were until subh. We had our breakfast at the Hatyai Deee Hostel cafe which serve halal food. The coffee is free but for the food we spent on about 25 Baht/RM4.00.

We checkout from the hostel at 1025 hours and walk by feet to the Hatyai Clock Tower which you can find many “tuk tuk” which is the common cheap public transport there. We arrived at the clock tower at 1148 hours and we took a “tuk tuk” to the Hatyai Municipal Park for 10 Baht/RM1.30. The “tuk tuk” will stopped by in front of the Municipal Park and there are no charge upon entry. We hike to the top of the Municipal Park (where there are the Statue of General Kuan Ti, the Mouth of the Dragon and the Laughing Buddha)  for about 30 minutes or we thought we had reached the top but we’re not since there are another more to go.

At the real top, there is the tallest Buddha statue in Southern Thailand which named 
Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj. The view from the top of the Municipal Park quite amazing and we can already see the Songkhla Mosque from there. There are cable car system to the Lord Brahma Complex which costs 200 Baht/RM26.00 and we just can’t do it. We descend to the park around 1415 hours and half way down we got a free ride by the tourist guide. We are planning to go to the Hatyai Floating Market to get some food but unfortunately it only operates from friday to sunday from 1500 – 2100 hours.

We proceed our journey to the Mosque of Songkhla which look alike the Taj Mahal in India but we can’t find any transportation to there so we walk. Yupp! We are literally walking with the guide of google maps. It is about 7.3 km across someone’s village. We got our late lunch in the middle of the 7.3 km journey at this halal stall which is outside a house. It costs us 50 Baht/RM7.00 for the food. Then, we continued our journey to the mosque. Just a few more kilometers, there’s this middle age man with a motorcyle asked us where a we going and it is a pain explaining to him since he do not know english or malay. Eventually, thanks to him giving us a ride to the mosque and yes, three people ride a motorcycle is awesome.

When we arrived at the mosque, we are amaze with the mosque structure which is beautiful. We spent a few hours there, and we met our new friend from Bangkok who is a freelance photographer named Kob. They are there to took some photo of the mosque in the sunset. He said that the sunset there is one of the most wonderful sunset in Thailand. We are planning to go to Songkhla so before its get dark, we want to find our transport to our next destination. We ask a few locals and nobody knows and we’re thinking that we are stranded. OH NO!

We then asked Kob if he knows how to go to Songkhla and he tells us that there are suppose to be many bus from Hatyai to Songkhla and we stand at the roadside hailing to the buses to stop but again, no luck. All the buses are already full from Hatyai to Songkhla. Out of option we sat and thinking to spend a night at the mosque. Then, Kob offer to give us a free ride to Songkhla after the beautiful sunset. At first, we want to decline the offer, but we rethink that it can be a good offer and no sketchy deal so we accept that offer. Well the best part are, we got to see the breathtaking sunset.

We learnt a little bit of Thai simple language in the car. We arrived at Songkhla at 1940 hours and we find the best place to spend the night. All the best place need a little walk from the spot that Kob left us, so we walked a few km to the Thanapat Apartment which costs us 300 Baht/RM37.50. It is a decent room which we shared that have aircond, TV, hot shower, a little refrigerator and also a big closet that we didn’t use. After we checked in, we go out for a food and we can’t find any halal food nearby since it is actually a government area which have a lot of offices and department in Thailand. Solution? 7/11. We bought some warmed food and ate it in our room which costs about 60 Baht/RM7.40.

The next morning, we checked out at 0619 hours and we are going to the Samila beach with a taxi bike costs us 60 Baht/RM7.40. It takes about 10 minutes ride to Samila beach. What you can find at Samila beach is the famous Golden Mermaid statue. We then walked along the beach. There are actually a few halal restaurants along the beach but we are too early and they haven’t opened yet. So, we took the taxi bike to the nearest bus station to Hatyai. Bus ticket to Hatyai costs 30 Baht/RM3.80.

At Hatyai we took another taxi bike for 20 Baht/RM2.50 to the train station and arrived at 0900 hours and we went find our breakfast there. There’s this small halal restaurant at just the corner building a few blocks from the train station and I didn’t remember the name of the restaurant but their Tom Yam is delicious. The food costs 140 Baht/RM17.50. Then, we again walk around the town in searching for something new but we already cover all the ground and keep finding the same shop. But, we did found our suppose to stay a night hostel which is funny. We go to the train station and bought our ticket costs 50 Baht/RM7.00  to Padang Besar and the train depart at 1305 hours and we have 2 hours more to spend. There are also only two train departure time from Hatyai to Padang Besar. Don’t miss the train. We went to the Robinson which is a shopping complex to see some stuff and comparing the price to malaysian price then we had some coffee costs 40 Baht/RM5.00 at the train station coffee shop. We arrived at Padang Besar at 1500 hours malaysian time and took the KTM Komuter to Butterworth costs another RM11.40.

  • Transportation – RM51.30
  • Food and Beverages – RM47.90
  • Accomodation – RM69.50
  • Total Cost – RM148.70

Every trip has its own adventure. It would not be the same. Hatyai signing off.



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